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Don't damage your LCD or plasma display with glass cleaner & paper towel!
Clean the screen on your LCD and Plasma safely.

Blue Gem cleans all LCD, Plasma, Flat screen TV, Auto entertainment, Navigation System Display, Laptop Displays & Computer Monitors.  

No matter what your application, Blue Gem Flat Screen Cleaning Kit will assure that your high quality display is cleaned safely and will help provide years of clear enjoyable use from your display.

How to clean your valuable display:

1. Never use household products such as ammonia, Windex, or other glass or surface cleaners.

2. Never use paper towels or paper based products as they can permanently mar the front surface of the LCD.

3. Use only specifically formulated LCD/Plasma  cleaners like Blue Gem.

4. Never spray Cleaner directly on front surface.  Always spray only on a soft or specifically designed cleaning cloth. then use cloth to apply cleaner to surface.

5. Always wipe in gentle horizontal and vertical strokes.  Never clean with a circular pattern. 

  -- Protect your investment with Blue Gem Flat Screen Cleaner, the highest grade cleaner available, specially made for LCD and Plasma screen care. --