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The Portable Blue Gem Flat Screen Cleaning Kit contains a super soft, suede-like, microfiber cloth, two corner swabs, and a portable-size version of our own special formulation of the best optical screen cleaner and screen care tips. The microfiber cloth is washable and reusable and eliminates the use of any chemicals when used alone.  

This portable screen cleaner kit is perfect for laptop care, as well as any other on-the-go LCD screens
. These items will give you the satisfaction of using quality products and the assurance that you're not harming your expensive equipment. Use the microfiber cloth dry for normal everyday cleanings and use the Blue Gem Cleaner when more aggressive Cleaning is needed.

Recommended for:

  • In-car systems
  • Headrest and overhead mounted entertainment systems
  • Airline in-seat displays
  • Navigational and backup camera display systems
  • All flat panel technology based displays and monitors
    The Macintosh PowerBook & IBM ThinkPad, PDA's: Apple Newton MessagePad, Windows CE, Pilot & PSION and all handheld, Laptop and Notebook displays.

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Portable, Laptop, & Automotive (glove box) Kit: $9.95

  -- Protect your investment with Blue Gem Flat Screen Cleaner, the highest grade cleaner available, specially made for LCD and Plasma screen care. --